Jackie's Private Education
2nd Grade Field Trip
To the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Research Center

On Friday, April 2,2004, the Second Grade classes from Jackie's Private Education visited the Wildflower Center as part of their science curriculum on plants. I'm not sure how much actual learning occurred, but the kids did have a great time! They even got to see huge flocks of migrating geese! The biggest attraction was the catepillars hanging down from the trees on webs. The kids gathered them, carried them and grossed-out their friends and some parents with them!

The weather was threatening to storm all morning, but luckily held off until we had finished the "learning" portion of the field trip. Unfortunately, it didn't hold off long enough for the kids to enjoy lunch at the park. Overall, everyone had a great time. Many thanks to Mrs. Merritt, Mrs. Kilgore and the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Research Center.