Unload and line up.

View from the dock.

Nic in the crew's mess.

Nic and Vern's bunks in the "crew racks".

View of the ship from the beach.

Nic and friends building a sand castle on the beach

Nic and friends building sand castle on the beach 2

Nic in the Blue Angles flight trainer cockpit.

All hands assembly for flag ceremony.

Nic on the flight deck.

Nic in front of the Island.

Flight deck at sunset.

Nic in the commanders chair on the bridge.

Nic at the Nav table.

Nic at the helm.

Nic mans the water cannon on the island.

Nic on the fantail at night.

Plaque on the section where Nic and Vern spent the night.

Nic in the forecastle before ghost stories.

Nic on the lexington anchor.

Nic on an antiaricraft gun.

Nic in front of the ship.

Nic in front of the site of a kamakazi attack.

Nic in front of the ships bell.

"Excited" Nic in front of the Live Aboard sign.

Bow view toward Corpus Christi from the flight deck.

Nic on the bow of the ship.

Nic launches from the catapult!

A-6E INTRUDER display aircraft on the flight deck.

A-E6 INTRUDER on the flight deck side view.

Nic in front of the Blue Angel plane on the flight deck.

Flight deck planes.

Flight deck planes (stern).

Nic at the Morning Colors Ceremony.

Mornming Colors.

Nic and the Commander.

Nic on stage at the general all-hands assembly.

Nic at the "petting tank".

Cool purple and gold fish.

Shark in tank.

Blue lobster (was really this blue!).

Dolphin in tank.

Nic with dolpin in underwater view tank.

Nic with dolphin in underwater view tank 2.

Nic with Sea Turtle (Crush).

Nic and Mcalea with sea otters.

Nic and Mcalea with sea otters 2.

View of the USS Lexington from TSA observation platform.

Nic at the entrance to the Texas State Aquarium.jpg

Nic with fountain.

Getting on the bus to go home!